This little hero was found in the wet maket as a little struggling little kitten.

He was lovingly nutured and now rules everyone in the house! 😃

A beautiful clear evening!

A beautiful clear evening!

Emotional Pain Chart!



WSJ counts non-replica E-edition to paid circulation – TownNews.com: News Room.

Today again as I travel back on the train, it is reinforced on how much I love this land of my birth.
The beautiful green landscape bathed in the bright, happy sunlight. Nice white fluffy clouds bouncing about in the big blue sky.
I am reminded on how lucky I am to live in a land that people pay money to come and visit!


A truly lovely land!

Love this blog!

Always Travelicious !

The cafe scene in Ipoh is more vibrant than ever, with all sorts of new boutique cafes or hipster cafes popping out so fast that it’s hard to keep track.  In the beginning of 2012, there were barely 10 cafes in Ipoh to do a Top 10 List and now at the beginning of 2014, there are more than 30 cafes to sample.  The cafes never fail to amaze me with their individualistic, sometimes themed interior decoration such as Parisian, child’s play, Korean, nostalgia, vintage and heritage.  Some cafes have amusingly incorporated spa, hair saloon, DIY classes, ukulele lessons, art gallery, custom bikes or politics, serving more than just coffee and cakes.  

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In a quandary….

These past few few weeks have been such an eventful and stressful time! Had loads of changes which were not so welcome. 
Today I saw a side of management that left a bad taste and disgust. I saw disregard for human feelings all for the sake of structure and processes.

I know for sure and have seen before that human feelings need not be sacrificed for the sake of management processes. But how do I get that across to the those in power?

I am in a big quandary!



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